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When Journey release a couple years ago I had hardly any idea what it was going in. I had played thatgamecompany’s previous titles, Flower and flOw, so I knew to expect some good things. So when I picked the title up on the PlayStation+ pre-release, I dived in excitedly. With that, Journey quickly became one of my favorite games of all time.


In Journey you play as a character whom only has the ability to communicate by “chirping.” You find yourself in a vast desert and are wanting to find your way home. The entire time through the game you can always see your destination. It isn’t always easy as you will face many hardships along the way. When you do make it to the end of your journey you look back on everything that happened and watch as things become full circle.

Throughout your time playing Journey you can find mysterious ruins that depict the rise and fall of an ancient society. The cutscenes at the end of each area will also add onto this as you watch a civilization rise and then destroy itself. You never falter though and continue forward, always aiming toward your goal.

You aren’t alone on this journey through Journey though. Along the way you might encounter another mysterious person. Sometimes this mysterious person will stay with you, other times you might lose them somewhere along the way. My first time playing the game my mysterious partner was there with me from the beginning. We went through all the trials and hardships together and it felt fulfilling when you crossed that threshold into the end of our journey.

Journey is an absolutely fantastic title that I can’t recommend enough. If you own a PlayStation 3 this is definitely one of those titles that you need to play. It’s a complete experience going from the beginning to the end of your journey within Journey.


Journey is available for single purchase on PSN or in a retail bundle that also includes Flower and flOw on Amazon and Gamestop.

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