Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta Part 3 – World 2

World 2 time! Now that all the job decisions are out of the way it’s time to focus on the game and developing strategies that will take advantage of my Four Job Fiesta party. This’ll especially become interesting as this is getting into the part of Final Fantasy V I don’t know at all. Expect a bit more on the story from here on out, as I’ve finally hit a point where I don’t know the game.

After Galuf makes a daring rescue for our main team, facing off with Gilgamesh for the first time (for me as a Red Mage), we’re all back together again. Yay! Of course, that means THAT song is next. Oh yeah, Battle on the Big Bridge.

TGilgameshhanks to watching speed runs, I know you can skip some enemies on here, but for the sake of the fact I have a Red Mage who needs a bucketload of ABP I decided to fight everything. Midway through, we face off with the man himself once again. The first part of the fight is no issue, and while it took a bit, with casting Protes (Protect) I was able to take him down. Sadly, my MP on Sir Galuf was starting to lack a bit but I still powered through the second half for much needed ABP.

Fighting on the way to the next town, which I get to head for thanks to getting blown away by a darn barrier, I was able to play with my Geomancer some more. The next town unfortunately gave my a harsh reminder that my healer is not a White Mage and that I am limited to a max a level 3 spells. Yay Cure2 forever!

Following that town, I opted to skip over the extra dungeon here. I don’t feel brave enough to play with it, not with my even more limited knowledge of the game. Thus, passing this castle is officially getting past my run from last year. After that, there was a huge section of swamp, though unfortunately I only got one encounter here. Why unfortunately? Turns out one of the moves Geomancer can pull on swamps is oh… an instant death/suck enemy out of the battle but you still get rewards skill. Yeah, kind of nice.

Kupo! Moogle! Yay! Oh no, he fell down a hole! Time to go rescue him! Ahhh, water that is forcing me into encounters! Oh well, more ABP for my Red Mage! After quite a bit of swimming and my poor Red Mage crying for MP, I made it to the boss. Thanks to previously mentioned speed runs, I knew one nice trick for this guy… He’s undead. I didn’t really feel like trying to mess with him normally so I just tossed a Phoenix Down and was done with it.

Silly me decided she wanted to walk through a desert. This ended up with me running into a Sand Crawl (well, Sandcrawlr). At first I didn’t realize just how much HP it had so I was like sure, I’ll fight it! After looking it up it turned into a matter of “I will do this.” For those unaware (like I was at first), Sand Crawl’s have 15,000 HP. With curing after Maelstrom’s I wasn’t in any real danger… it just took awhile. I also finally got a third attack out of my Geomancer which was very welcome on this fight (it did around 1100 damage).

Story time! More moogles, a dragon, Krile, a magically revealing spot in a forest, back to the castle and KING Galuf. Oh look, I have to go get Dragon Grass… again. Yay. Don’t worry, there’s magically some here – though considering it “grows where dragons live” and there’s a dragon needing healing… Maybe I’m looking to far into the story here.

Now that I have my next objective, I decided to finish exploring the castle. The door in the basement won’t open you say? Let’s go see! Well, it won’t open, that’s for sure. Oh no, random encounter! This’ll be… Oh no, they aren’t dying. Oh no, they are hitting for over half my health. Well then, time to reset the game. Thankfully there was a save point right before I went on this little adventure. Ah well, time to finish exploring the castle and head off to the next location!

Wait a second here… a boss?! Well then. Guess I’m not heading off quite yet! Oh look, my Geomancer got Twister and the boss just so happened to be vulnerable… Well, that was easy. Here I was expecting something a lot harder!

A quick walk up to the next town and hmm, seems everything is locked except one convenient door. Then there’s another locked door in there. Well where to? Oh hey, I can’t leave! I see how it is! I’m innocent, I promise! Really, why can’t you see that I’m in these jobs and such! Fine, I’ll just smack you silly. Oh right, just more story really. At least I can continue on now I suppose. Oh, and actually shop. My poor gil!

My Red Mage has actually been able to acquire something that is going to be very handy – a dancing dirk. I have a fake dancer now! Well, okay, it’s useful right up until the point of fighting something undead and getting the healing dance… Oops. Oh and of Golemcourse there’s accidentally killing this lovely Golem guy asking for help because my Geomancer wanted him dead from Earthquake then targeting Gust on him. Then killing him again… Hmm. Also yeah, definitely starting to tell my unfamiliarity with this part – I’m getting incredibly lost in what should be a straightforward dungeon.

At long last, with a bit of help from a friend, I made it to the boss – oh, and picked up the Bonemail. The fight was definitely not the definition of pretty but I sort of just powered through and won somehow after quite a long fight. Thanks Geomancer for occasionally getting Earthquake! I also tried my hand at a little bit of Mixing, though I only did it with some damaging ones for now.

After a bit of a trek, I finally arrive back at the castle to deliver this dragon grass. A bit of story later, off to the next location! Yay I can fly again! Well, so much for that idea. Thanks ExDeath! Plan B? Was there a plan b? Guess there is now. Finally, after even more story, I made my way to the next location – which, of course, I had to look up since I apparently missed being told where to go.

Gilgamesh returns! Well, really, Battle on the Big Bridge returns. That’s what is important here. This time around, though, I decided to use my Chemist a little bit. Mainly because, due to getting lost, I picked up a few Dragon Fangs in the previous dungeon. So, just for fun, I tossed a couple Dragon Powers onto Faris (my Monk) and Reina (my Geomancer). Hilarity ensued when I saw Faris do a critical hit for about 4800 damage. Yeah, the fight didn’t last much longer, especially since Reina pulled out a Whirlpool and Enkido just died to the next hit. Suddenly… submarine!

Suddenly… tower climbing! Oh boy, finally another part (well, along with the Gilgamesh fight just now) I remember from seeing some speed runs! Well, sort of remember… The tower itself wasn’t too hard, what was difficult was the two monster-in-a-boxes. Especially since I game overed to the second one and hadn’t abused the near by save point and had to reclimb the tower. Of course, when I got back up to it, I saved and it turned into a different encounter! Go figure it wasn’t even really worth it either…

Atomos wasn’t too difficult, though I did use my last two on-hand Dragon Fangs to boost up Faris’s level. Good thing I did too, because if I hadn’t Galuf would’ve been swallowed! I thankfully knew about the way to exploit his AI here by having someone dead, of course go figure my particular team could almost not do it without using the level up Chemist mix.

Well, there goes Zeza. Nice knowing you! Yay, free access to the sub now, yay! Time for Gill’s Cave attempt two. The enemies on the way were fairly simple with my Fiesta team. Mr. Turtle! No, Bartz stop being mean to Mr. Turtle! Story time and a new destination! Really starting to wish I had an easy way out of these dungeons though…

Moore Forest time! Well, after spending all my money on equipment upgrades. This is another area I vaguely recall from seeing speed runs done, but not very much of it. Much getting lost later, I finally make it through. Only to… oh no, ominous music! Don’t play with fire kids, it’s bad. Moogle, save me! Okay, whew. Darn ExDeath, you aren’t supposed to play with fire… Well, time to finish off this poor, burnt area. Gotta say though, that fire sure went out fast.

Yay, found the elder tree who isn’t looking much worse for wear despite the fire! Oh no, boss fight! A boss fight which… kicked my butt. Awesome. Now I have to redo all those cutscenes. One long drawn out rematch later, involving massive buffing to survive Aqua Krile Red MageRake and lots of floating… More story! More very important story even. Scripted fights are amazing, especially when you get to stare at Galuf at 0 HP for the entire thing. Hey, wait a minute here. How are you casting Cure 3? I don’t even have that spell! Ah well, time for the almost all girl team! Here’s where I wish I had Berserker so I could bring on the Cutezerker though.

Into ExDeath’s castle, there’s revenge to be had! Unfortunately, it’s a long journey up… Thankfully, with having a Geomancer, I was able to avoid taking some painful damage and falling down some annoying holes. I decided to skip on fighting the optional boss I could see here and just continuing onwards.

This chest isn’t suspicious at all, nope. Wait, it’s empty? Oh well. Onwards! Oh, wait… Hey Gilgamesh! Long time no see buddy! Let’s do this! Mainly due to me just trying to experiment with stuff – hey, it’s what I do, even when I’m playing somewhat blind – the fight dragged on quite a bit with Gilgamesh, though I wasn’t really in much danger. Silly Gilgamesh… That isn’t the Excalibur! ExDeath, no! How could you interrupt the music! No, Gilgamesh, come back, no! Alas, it is how it is. Time to head back, heal, and continue onwards!

Well that didn’t take long… ExDeath, how dare you! You took away the good music! Oh, and Galuf too I guess… But mainly the good music! Well, I suppose you have a good theme too… Fine. You’re still going to pay.

My strategy, though it somewhat changed once I rechecked the mix list, initially involved trying to just get Float on everyone and Berserk onto Faris. Well, I still wanted the Berserk on Faris (my Monk)… Though once I checked the Mix list I found the other level increasing combination and proceeded to just spam that onto her. She got pulled into the back row by ExDeath and was still doing at least 1100 a hit! He didn’t really last much longer, especially once I boosted her up to about 2000 a hit from the back row.

Whew, that was long, but I guess that’s what happens when barely into this world it turns partly blind… and it covers an entire world! Especially once that isn’t particularly short. After some more story it’s time for World 3!

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