Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta Part 1–Wind/Water

It’s the time of year again! The Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta is underway, and despite telling myself several times that I wouldn’t start it til I finished another challenge… I did. Perhaps it was the hype from others on Twitter that got me to cave on it.


For those unaware of what the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta is, you can find more info on it here. Basically, you are randomly given four jobs – typically one from each crystal – and you must complete the game with only those four. My particular run is just that, a “regular” run.

Until you get your Wind job it’s just your basic Final Fantasy V. I decided to withhold from registering until I was actually at the crystal and ready to get my job. First up? Monk! This turned out to not be that hard at all, not compared to some people who got White Mage. Pretty much all I could do was punch and heal with Potions – something I didn’t really do that often.

I’m playing on the PSX version, so all my names I use will be based on that. The first boss with Team Monk was Karl Boss. I pretty much went in guns (fists?) blazing and just punched him to death. Unfortunately, Galuf become a victim here and didn’t live to see the end. Siren, the next boss, was incredibly easy and she went down without much trouble.

Magissa and her husband were also not too much of a trouble. I took both down through, you guessed it, punching them to death! Garula, however, decided to also take a victim before he went down. Poor Reina! The defeat of Garula meant I was able to get my second job though – a Red Mage! A healer, even if not the best one out there, is a healer!

Once I actually thought to go buy Cure, the next dungeon was in fact the one for the next set of jobs. The Fire-Powered Ship wasn’t that difficult, though the boss here also decided it wanted a victim. Poor Bartz this time…

Last but not least in this section was the escape from the castle. I decided to skip on getting any chests, mainly because I didn’t feel like getting lost trying to go for the good ones. The last boss here, again, wasn’t too difficult. With that, I was able to get my Fire job, though maybe I’m getting ahead of myself now…

What will happen with my adventures with my now three jobs? Who knows! Oh, and what is my third job you might be asking. Well…


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