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Titanic was one of the biggest tragedies in the world. The tragedy has spawned many movies, stories, and games. Fall of the Titanic is one of those games.

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Fall of the Titanic is a newly released Steam game that lets you get on board the Titanic. You can either choose to explore the ship or dive right into the sinking to try and escape from the ship.  The Titanic is something I’ve been fascinated with for years now, and so of course I ended up jumping in and purchasing it so that I could explore around the ship.

One of the biggest draws to things like this, at least to me, is the ability to explore the ship. It should be noted that (as of this writing) there is a news post saying that the Exploration Mode is missing a lot of features. There are no other passengers on the ship, nor is there any crew. All you can do is wander around and look at how they’ve recreated the ship. Well, at least what you can get to, which isn’t much in the grand scheme of things.

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In the Escape Mode, your goal is simple: escape out of the ship before it sinks while trying not to drown. I only tried Escape Mode once, deciding to start on A Deck. After the game got done freezing while trying to load, I was greeted with the sound of rushing water (despite not currently being near the water). The only way I could find to go was to get to the Grand Staircase, but wouldn’t you know it… The water is already there, and as soon as I tried to climb, the dome broke. The dome also broke in such a way that I glitched into a railing and all I could do was watch the water rise, unable to move at all.

Fall of the Titanic was released as a “full release” on Steam, not as an Early Access title. As stated above, the game has glitches that cause you to get stuck in railings. The game also has a lack of a “proper” exploration mode. The ship is empty, and while you can go to places like the dining area and hear “musicians” start to play classical music, you can’t actually see them. You also can sometimes manage to do stuff like clip through the Grand Staircase, causing you to fall down a few decks before you can actually escape.

While I commend the developer on the graphics, there are issues within this as well. In the dining room, for example, even though you aren’t very far from them, the chairs will just magically pop in in front of you. On the deck, the benches are basically flat on the deck, and the general draw distance is horrendous. While walking around the deck, you can see the smoke stacks just appearing in the distance instead of simply being there.

One of the biggest offenders in Fall of the Titanic is the camera, however. Even forgetting all the glitches, all the little railings you can get stuck on, and the fact the game has no one on board, the camera is absolutely awful. Within a few steps I already knew that this camera was going to make me sick, and it definitely succeeded at that within thirty minutes. As you move, the graphics get extremely blurry and the camera sways a decent bit. It becomes even more noticeable when you start running. It gets even worse when you’re anywhere near the outside (and especially while outside), as the sun’s glare is so horrendously bright, you start going blind all while starting to feel sick.

Fall of the Titanic Deck Chairs

Fall of the Titanic is an interesting concept. The ability to explore the ship is nice, however it is extremely limited and it’s easy to get randomly stuck in railings or clip through things. The controls are on a “figure these out on your own” basis, something that is generally not a good idea in games. The sinking mode will definitely give you some jumps as you start to hear stuff breaking, followed by seeing the water rushing in, but it seems like it is also easy to just get stuck and become unable to do anything.

As it stands, Fall of the Titanic is not a game that should be released as a full title. If it were in Early Access, it’d be understandable. Full game releases are supposed to be just that – a complete game. As someone who loves the history behind the ship, I can not recommend this game at all. The fact it can make someone so extremely motion sick is a major turn off, and definitely not something that is said in the trailer.

Fall of the Titanic Controls Introduction
This is about all you can find for the controls in Fall of the Titanic.

Fall of the Titanic Review Score


The scale is definitely nice, however there are far too many issues to overlook.

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