Eventide: Slavic Fable Review

After receiving a letter from your grandmother you head for the Slavic history park that she owns. Little do you know what will come to pass there as you find yourself forced to help rescue her in Eventide: Slavic Fable!

Eventide: Slavic Fable is a hidden object game with a bit more of a focus on puzzles over the hidden object part. When you, Mary, go to visit your grandmother, you’ll end up immersed within a bunch of Slavic creatures, working together with them to try and save her. You’ll explore her Slavic park, solving puzzles and finding (and putting together) objects as you go.

As far as the hidden object portions of this game go, most of them aren’t really that tough. In fact, most of them aren’t even randomly placed! With that said, you may find that the game will not accept your input, even if you’re clearly selecting an item, simply because you weren’t selecting the exact right pixel. This can make it a bit annoying at times, since you’ll see that the game refused you in a location, figure you were wrong with something being there, and go hunt for items elsewhere.

The puzzles also aren’t that tough, though you will sometimes have to go hunting amongst different screens to get the items you need. Unfortunately, it seems the puzzles like to glitch out sometimes, forcing you to have to go back to a prior save (if you have one). Twice during my playthrough I had the game softlock on me – in other words, I could go do other stuff, but I couldn’t ever actually progress because the game had locked me out of stuff I needed to progress. Even trying to use the built-in hint function that would tell me where to go next would ultimately just fail since it couldn’t actually FIND somewhere to go due to the game glitching out.

The graphics of the game are pretty well done, with the lip syncing actually being halfway decent. Some of the hidden object scenes will leave you questioning where things are due to how the graphics are, so I do wonder if things could’ve been cleaned up a bit to make that less annoying.

Eventide: Slavic Fable is a decent enough hidden object game if you’re looking for one to play. Unlike in Nightmares from the Deep, Eventide doesn’t feature the Mahjong puzzles which was a nice break to not have to deal with those. The fact the game would just randomly decide to softlock on me was extremely annoying, and I was pretty lucky to have a backup save from PlayStation Plus to fall back on. I do still give this a shaky recommendation, but do be warned that it might randomly decide to just softlock on you.

Eventide: Slavic Fable Review Score

I was provided with a review code for PS4 by the publisher.

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