Elegy for a Dead World Review

Elegy for a Dead World is a game that isn’t quite a game. It’s an unique experience that can help you express your creativity.


How is Elegy for a Dead World a game that isn’t quite a game? Well, it’s not a game in the typical sense. You control a character and go through different worlds, but the basis of the game is writing. It’s about expressing yourself, making your own story to what you see in the world.

Each world has its own general theme and have a variety of option for your “story” in that world. In most cases you’ll be asked to fill in a blank space, however at any time you can shape a sentence to how you want it to be. Sometimes it isn’t even a “story” in the regular sense, it’s a poem. Of course, you could always just decide to go totally free and choose the freeform writing and shape your own story.

It’s definitely a unique idea. All of the worlds have places you can go into, and sometimes there’s even a writing prompt to fill in within these places. How the story shapes out is completely up to you. Did these people completely prosper and then die out due to natural means? Perhaps they had a lot of in-fighting and brought about their own end. Who knows!

Actually moving around within a world is generally extremely slow. The speed at which your character walks is painfully slow. Thankfully he can also fly which is much, much faster than walking. Unfortunately, the same key you use to fly is also the key you use to walk in doors. I don’t know how many times I went back into an area when I was trying to move on from this…


Elegy for a Dead World is definitely unique I feel. Whether you are just starting out writing or have been writing for years you can take something out of it. When you aren’t feeling up to writing your own stories, you can also check out those others have written. Sadly, these appear in more of a page format instead of actually walking through and seeing the world as you see what they wrote. It would have been nice to be able to see the world as you saw what they said instead of just seeing small images of each section.

Would I recommend it? I would to fellow writers, especially ones who also like seeing amazing art. Non-writers may not get as much out of it, but who knows you might just find that you have a thing for writing if you try it.

Elegy for a Dead World Review Score


I would like to thank Dejobaan Games for providing me with a copy of Elegy for a Dead World for review.

Elegy for a Dead World is available now on Steam.

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