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Everyone loves adventure games right? Especially ones that are actually point and click ones? Well then, Deponia is here for you!

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Meet Rufus. He’s your main character for this adventure. His goal? To get to Elysium. Now, keep in mind he’s not the brightest person out there. He really makes some… questionable… choices in how he makes things. Well of course, his plan fails and he finds himself in a gigantic mess of a situation.

Deponia is a lot like your classic point & click adventure games. Everything has a use (some a lot more questionable than others but just go with it) and some will make you go more “ohhhh” than others. Even when you are stumped all you need to do is just look around a bit harder and things will come together. Even the smallest of items can turn out to be clickable, leading to a whole new world of possibilities. It was definitely refreshing to see in a world littered with adventure games like this that aren’t really “point and click” but are more “QTE the game.”

The story is fairly interesting as well. As mentioned, you play as Rufus who is trying to get to Elysium. He ends up helping ss_92e3c9254bfbbee2fc319457ba10c7709c76f9e1this Elysium girl (whom he may have sent tumbling from a ship) to regain consciousness. He also finds himself caught up in a “Deponia is going to be destroyed” plot which requires Goal (the previously mentioned Elysium girl) to have the proper memories to stop. Things get a bit crazy with a lot leading up to the grand finale, but it was still enjoyable and funny overall.

The game suffers from some random issues though. Sometimes the text will just (randomly) come up as German, though I only noticed it on a few actions. When I reloaded the game after having saved and quit in a weird spot my character appeared a bit glitched out, though leaving that area fixed it.

The voice acting is fairly good, though the Organons’ (the evil people trying to blow up Deponia) are a bit… loud. By loud I mean “completely over the top loud.” I think they were blowing out my eardrums every time they spoke. Also, the music was good including the vocal songs.

Deponia is overall a really fantastic title. I was able to play it with a good friend of mine which made the experience even more enjoyable (it also helped solve some of the puzzles faster). It will definitely challenge you in places but will also make you laugh and have a good time. I highly suggest the game to folks itching for a good point & click adventure title.


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Deponia is available now for purchase on Steam.

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