Childhood Throwbacks: Kirby’s Dream Land

titlescreenAh, those childhood memories. When I was a kid in elementary school, waking up early on Saturday mornings around 6:30am or 7am and grabbing my older brother’s GameBoy and one of his games and sitting on the couch under the lamp to see the screen. Those were the days.

One of the games happened to be Kirby’s Dream Land. I don’t actually remember beating it as a child. I don’t remember if I made my older brother beat it for me. I vaguely remembering playing it but I do remember a few things about the game. Mostly that one mask in that one level…

Anyway, Club Nintendo has recently released updated their game list and Kirby’s Dream Land just happened to be one of those games. I was excited and got it right away. Plus I had to use up my coins.

My thoughts on a 21 year old game. It’s way too short. As a child, the game was long enough for my short attention span. As an adult, it is too short for my liking. The game has five stages with the fifth stage being a boss rush. I did happen to die at least three or four times. I’m not the best Kirby player but I beat the game around an hour. I found the final fight with King Dee-Dee too long. He had too much health and it would take him forever to do his one jump to give me stars to hit him with.

I did enjoy playing a game from my childhood and I am ashamed at myself for not taking the game cart from my older brother before he sold GameBoy and all his games. Get this game from Club Nintendo before it disappears on July 6 to remember your childhood.

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