Child of Light Review–A Second Opinion

Enter the magical land of Lemuria. A land where rats are salesman and pigs can fly. Enter the world of Child of Light.


Ever since Augora reviewed Child of Light so positively I wanted to play it. When the game finally saw a sale, specifically for the Vita version, I snapped it up. After many hurdles I have finally finished it. Take control of Aurora as she tries to escape a “dream” and get home to her father. Join her as she meets a variety of locals who join her quest, and as she goes to fight the Queen of Night.

Child of Light features a fairly large cast, especially considering you’ll likely beat it in less than 10 hours. In fact, you’ll likely not even have time to get to know everyone properly before it ends, let alone even use them in battle! During my time playing, I only tried out a few of the companions as my battle partner. In my replay after losing my save, I only ever tried out two of them (prior to losing my save, I had tried one other). Granted, I stuck with them because I liked them in battle but I still feel like there was far too many for the length of the game.


Combat in Child of Light is sort of like a turn-based active system. Your turns go across a timeline, the speed you move depending on that character’s speed. You can slow the enemies down with your firefly, allowing you to sneak in ahead of their turns. Should one be hit during the “Casting” area, they are knocked back. This applies to both you and the enemies. You can do some nice tricks with those, though be warned that some of the later enemies start to have counter attacks to this! Also, remember how I said there are lots of party members? Get used to seeing level up messages, because you’ll be seeing them a lot. This was a minor complaint of mine while playing, because sometimes I just got plain sick of seeing them.

The game feels fairly well paced considering how many characters it throws at you though. You’ll have large areas where you start to just get sick of fighting everything to sections of great story. There are some side quests throughout the world as well, as well as “Confession” collectibles to find. The trophies are fairly easy to get in Child of Light, with the Confessions one likely to be the only one you need to backtrack for.


With all that said, my only complaints are that there ARE too many characters thrown at you and that you’ll end up seeing level up messages constantly. It does become hard to bond with particular characters, especially for battle purposes. That said, I do feel the game paces itself well, there’s just too many characters. I do feel that Child of Light is a game worth checking out though, though you may want to try and get it on some sort of sale with keeping in mind the fact that it isn’t an overly “long” RPG.

Child of Light Review Score


Child of Light is available now on Steam, PS3, PS4, and Vita. You can also find a digital PC code, a Xbox 360 code, a Xbox One code,  and the Physical Copy of the Vita version on Amazon.

My mentioned save loss was due to my Vita crashing. My Vita has been acting up some lately, so it isn’t specific to this game.

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