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With your grandma sick in the hospital, she has entrusted her resort to you, her grandson. Take up the role of manager at the popular Beach Bounce, but things may end up tougher than you imagined!

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Beach Bounce is a visual novel that follows Tomoyo, a college dropout who has been entrusted with his ailing grandmother’s resort. The resort “luckily” features a bunch of “hot girls” who work there. That’s every man’s dream, right? So of course you can bet that this game features some 18+ content! Let us begin.

Beach Bounce is, well… How to put this nicely. It’s not that good. The game will cover a few weeks at the resort, ending in either your grandmother selling the resort or leaving it to you. You’ll spend that time getting to know the girls you are working with. And yes, by “getting to know them”, I do mean you’ll be getting them into bed with you. That’s the true focus of Beach Bounce – the sex scenes. Of course, the base Steam version is censored, so these scenes are stripped out directly. This leaves the game with extremely rough transition points, and unlike other VNs that get censored like this, you can definitely tell something is missing.

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For this VN, curiosity got the best of me – I decided to apply the uncensor patch. The content that was censored was extremely poor quality, but it does exemplify the fact that this VN is just focused on the sex and not an actual, cohesive story. While I don’t want to go into too much detail, the writing feels extremely poorly done.

That’s the big thing to note in Beach Bounce: the writing feels extremely poorly done. It’s not just in the censored content either; the entire story as a whole is just badly written. The saddest part about this is that this is the “Remastered” version of the game… Wait, Remastered? And it’s this poor?

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Yes, that’s right. Beach Bounce has been “remastered” over the original. While I did not have experience with the original story, from what I’ve read, the game’s story was changed a lot. Characters received different personalities. This was apparently done because the original writer never gave the publisher “part 3” of the story, so they decided to just rewrite it completely. Needless to say, this ‘rewrite” is exceptionally poor.

Beach Bounce features some of the worst grammar and spelling I’ve seen to date in a VN, especially considering this is a “remastered” version. Almost every case of “thank you” is written as “Thankyou”, there are a lot of missing and misplaced commas, and there are misspelled words all over the place. Now, I don’t claim to be absolutely perfect at English, but at least I try. I also use proofreaders, and while they aren’t perfect and don’t always catch everything, it is very clear that this game received no kind of proofreading at all.

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The music of the game is extremely forgettable. I honestly don’t remember any of it. As for the graphics, there are quite a few cases of the text not matching up to what is being said in the dialogue. There are also cases of characters, for no reason at all, having an inconsistent outfit between scenes that are back-to-back.

Beach Bounce is an extremely poor taste VN that feels more like it was downgraded rather than remastered. The spelling and grammar are absolutely atrocious, and the game just focuses on the sex part of it. There are far, far better VNs out there, and I cannot recommend this one at all.

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