Assassin’s Creed II – Platinum Log

Do you like collecting trophies/achievements? Do you like losing your save file and having to replay the game again to get those said things? Well, that was my journey of replaying Assassin’s Creed II to get that platinum trophy. Come along and read my pain.


Yes I did. Yes, I lost my save file. It happened when I was downloading Bioshock Infinite’s Burial at Sea Episode 2 DLC and it froze whilst downloading. And being the not so bright person that I am, I flipped the switch on the console after I couldn’t turn it off with holding my finger on the power sensor. And I lost everything…












OH WELL. It was probably for the best. In AC2, one trophy called Fly Swatter requires you to kick a guard on a roof while being on Da Vinci’s flying machine. The only way you can get this trophy is in Sequence 8. That is the only way. So it was probably good that I lost my save file. But still…


Getting the trophies/achievements in Assassin’s Creed II is really easy but kind of annoying. Prior to losing my save file, I only had 12-13 trophies to get. Not bad.


I found a few of trophies/achievements to be a pain. Street Cleaner requires you to hide five bodies in a bale of hay. The same bale of hay. The trophy doesn’t tell you that so how was I supposed to know. It wasn’t until I hid four bodies in one bale and another body in another bale. No trophy. So naturally I put two and two together and knew that trophy meant “five bodies, same bale of hay.” …Would have been nice to know yo…


Messer Sandman and Sweeper require a bit of skill. Sandman needs you to stun four guards with sand at the same time. A bit tricky and you will need a crap ton of patience. And Sweeper wants you to sweep five guards at once with a long weapon. You can’t buy a long weapon so you need to pick up one from an enemy after you kill him. Then you use that weapon, surround yourself with enemies, and pray you’ll sweep five guards at once. Like Sandman, it’s tricky and much patience is needed.


Before I lost my save file, I had collected 99 out of 100 feathers. Little did I know that I could go into the DNA menu and see which city I was missing a feather in. The In Memory of Petruccio trophy is not hard when you use a map. Since AC2 precedes AC3, you can’t buy a feather map in game. I ended up looking it up and IGN has some really good maps. It made getting this trophy easy.


Getting trophies/achievements in AC2 is really easy since you do not have to worry about getting multiplayer trophies/achievements in order to get that platinum or to complete the list.


Assassin’s Creed II trophy/achievements difficulty



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