10,000,000 Review

10,000,000 is a puzzle-based RPG game. You are trapped in a dungeon and can only escape if you get a score of 10,000,000.

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As a fan of both puzzle and RPG titles I was quite intrigued when I first heard about this title. I’m not sure where I got it, though I do believe I got it when it was on sale on Steam one time. At first I was interested, but it didn’t take long for that interest to drop.

Flat out, 10,000,000’s dungeon “runs” are extremely repetitive. You constantly go through the same looking areas making the same general matches to complete goals. Even once you unlock a new tier everything looks the same. In the new tier, all that “changes” are the enemies.

To defeat enemies you need to make matches of either swords or staves. You cannot queue up these actions so you need to make them only when you are actually fighting the enemy. However, you can’t be fighting them too long as each hit you take decreases your remaining time on that run. Unfortunately, you still need to do matches between fights to clear out your board. The same is true for treasure chests and doors with keys. I’ve had many situations where I would be about a half a step away from something and I’d go to make a match thinking it would be okay and end up not having it count.

As you do these runs you are rewarded with various materials. These are used to upgrade your base so that you can get better equipment or to get potions. You also receive experience which you can use to buy a host of character upgrades that will make it easier for you to last a longer time.

As neat as the concept of a puzzle RPG is, 10,000,000 just has other flaws that make it hard to enjoy for long periods of time. This is definitely one of those “try for yourself” to tell though so I can’t really give a definitive recommendation on it. It definitely starts to just feel like a grind to get to the point of escape through just constantly going through the same looking place over and over again. I hardly felt like any strategy was needed when it came to the upgrades, but perhaps I just missed something with them. In the end, it is still an interesting concept that just gets extremely repetitive as you work towards that 10,000,000 score goal.

10,000,000 Review


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