Have you ever thought about letting your pug or cat run free? Have you ever thought about your pug in a cape or pooping rainbows? Or your cat in a space helmet with floaty jumps? What about those spikes and killer spiked wheels? PUGS! Here is Turbo Pug!

Turbo Pug title screenI would have never known about this game if it wasn’t for Erin. I took one look at it and I was sold. Erin then gifted it to me and I disappeared for the rest of the night.

Turbo Pug is your standard platform runner game where your pug keeps running and you control its jumps. Think of The Impossible Game and that is Turbo Pug but with pugs and two cats.

Turbo pug rain

The difficulty of this game gradually gets harder when you get farther in the level. It will occasionally snow and rain which at times will hinder your ability to see the stage. At times it will rain and get super dark and lightning will shock your pug or cat, suspending their jump for a short time. I am not sure if snow will freeze your pug or cat but I won’t be surprised if it does. The stage will also change every time you die. No two stages are the same (I think… Everything tends to blur together after a while).

At first you will only have the standard pug. Over time you will unlock five more characters with I can only guess by locking the pug points that are the pug icons in the stage. You get four pugs and two cats. Once I unlocked Santa Pug, I have never looked back. The pugs all play the same with no difference between them, I believe. The space cat I have noticed as a more floaty jump to it which makes it difficult for me to control.

Turbo Pug mad jumpsThe only thing that I dislike about the game is how finicky the jumping is. You cannot spam the jump button. And at times the jump button is a bit unresponsive and your input will not register. Timing jumps is a bit hard but it is all trial and error for the player.

Music? There is music but only two tracks. The tracks will switch out when you die. One track will play but once you die, the other song will start playing.

puggamethefarthestihavegottenTurbo Pug is a game that you can play where you just need to relax or just need to waste time. I definitely suggest it to gamers who love platformers and to pug lovers!

Turbo Pug


I am still waiting for my game with schnauzers…

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