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There are some subjects that media tends to avoid or gloss over. There are also some subjects they tend to just not understand properly. One such game that delves into a matter most ignore is the static speaks my name, a free to play title on Steam.

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Going into the static speaks my name you don’t get any backstory. You’re alarm is blaring, it’s 3:20am, and you don’t have much. Your first order of business is going to the bathroom. This will make you think you’re actually a woman, but let’s just go with it. After going to the bathroom, not flushing the toilet or washing your hands, you decide to get breakfast. There’s no food left, so what do you do? Let’s go eat the shrimp out of the tank in your room.

The game is exceptionally short, though there is a bit to explore. You have some lady trying to be dirty with you over IM (reminding you that your character is male). You also find out how messed up your character’s life is. You’ve lost your family to suicide. You’ve seemingly made some questionable decisions. The main thing you’ll notice around the house is a lot, and I mean a lot, of paintings of palm trees on an island. If you look around, you’ll find instructions for some things to do around the house. It’s up to you to find them though.

The graphics are fairly simple 3D models from Unity. They’re also extremely static. I’ve never seen paper towels look like that without the loose sheet flopping over. The shrimp you eat also seem to move a bit oddly.

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Adding to the setting, perhaps a bit too much, is the music. The creepy vibe it gave made me think something was going to jump out at me. And hey, it reminded me just how annoying static and alarms are! They’re still extremely annoying. I still don’t get why there was that pile of staticy TVs though, other than to give off the noise and perhaps go into the title of the game.

The ending left me with even more questions, such as who all those other people were. Alas, I doubt I will find out. This game does, quite literally, go into the topic of suicide and a girl trying to sell herself online to men by saying they “want them to see them do certain things”. Even though it’s free, if you can’t handle these things, stay away. It does make me wish more games went into the subject of depression and suicide though, and while the experience is short, I do feel like that’s something this game succeeded at. Just don’t take hygiene or eating tips from this game.

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the static speaks my name is available now on Steam for free

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