Super Lemonade Factory Review

Congratulations! You are now the proud new owners of a Lemonade factory! We know you’re newlyweds and all, but you can do it, right?


Based off the initial promotion, one would not expect Super Lemonade Factory to be a platforming game. No, you’d expect it to be a business management game, right? Nope, it’s definitely a platformer. Your new staff wants you to prove yourselves before they’ll actually trust you. This apparently means going through every room in the factory, which are riddled with spikes and moving platforms.

There is voice acting in the game, however it’s pretty limited. It’s not terrible, but not fantastic. It’s just… a thing. It’s better than the music though. The music that made me want to throw the game out the window. The levels have the same exact track playing. Every. Single. Level. The same track. It got old very, very fast. Be prepared to mute the game if you try and play it.

You’ll really have to try and play it too. You can effectively forget using a controller. 95% of the time it’s going to crash the game. This seems to happen even more so on Windows 8.1. I’m not really a fan of playing platformers with keyboards. Really, I prefer controller when at all possible. The keyboard controls are also ohhardcorepretty poor. You’ll be using XCV and the arrow keys. X will perform a dash with the guy and will talk with NPCs with the girl. C is your jump key, and V will switch between the two.

So why do I say they’re poor? Look at where these keys are. I think most of my deaths came from hitting X instead of C when trying to jump. Another portion of them came from poor hit boxes, or just flat out falling into spikes. The rest… came from running into the staff. Apparently they also want to kill you. The game also tells you oh hey, the girl can talk to them! Yeah, it’s pretty hard to do WHEN THEY KILL YOU IF YOU GET TOO CLOSE. Brilliant, just brilliant.

Super Lemonade Factory really isn’t a game worth picking up. At all. Not even on sale. Okay, maybe if you’re okay with poor keyboard controls, crashing, and no updates to known issues. Especially when they’re issues the developer said they were looking into months ago! Perhaps if they ever bother to update this game again to fix controller support I’ll try and get through it, and maybe even try those hardcore levels. Until then? It will happily stay uninstalled.

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