Pom Gets Wi-fi Review

Have you ever wonder what dog heaven would be like? How you ever wonder what heaven would be like without the internet? No! It would be terrible! We are so dependent on the internet that we will do anything to get it. And that’s how Pom Gets Wi-fi is.

tumblr_mrehncquzv1r74atvo1_1280The story of Pom Gets Wi-fi is that you are a pomeranian named Pom that ends up dying in a house fire along with your canine Shibe, a shiba inu. You two go to dog heaven and you quickly find out that there is no internet wi-fi anywhere. You don’t understand. You cannot live without the internet! Books? Who needs them. YOU NEED WI-FI!

tumblr_msaah8xInt1rwdg9fo8_1280The game is an RPG maker game and it is absolutely fantastic! The graphics look amazing for an RPG Maker game. There is little combat and the game is more or less a ‘get this one thing to get another’ to get somewhere.

PunchThe script is hilarious! You will either find Pom annoying or funny as hell. Pom is like that crazy teenage girl that spends too time on tumblr and fanfiction.net. That was me at one point in my life. Ah, those terrible memories.

The game is free and you can find it by simply typing Pom Gets Wi-fi into google. The game is short but it will leave you in stitches from the silly humor.

Pom Gets Wi-fi

The game is short and funny but it doesn’t hold much of a replay value (unless you like rereading Pom’s quirky weird lines again and again).

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