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After losing his parents in a car wreck, Haru takes in a stray kitten. What he doesn’t realize is that this kitten is a bakeneko – a shapeshifting cat. Join in his light-hearted adventure through several days of his life with some spirited young girls.

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My Little Kitties follows several days in the life of Haru, a teenage boy who has just lost his parents. After a strange twist of fate, he is now in charge of raising two young girls – Nuri and Sora. The thing is, Nuri used to be a stray cat until one day she shapeshifted into a young girl. The girls, along with Haru’s friend, Yura, find a small kitten one day and make the decision to try and take care of it behind Haru’s back. Once Haru discovers this kitten, they’ll need to figure out what they’re going to do with it! The rest of the story plays out as they bond with this kitten, and then ultimately have to make some tough decisions regarding it.

For the most part, I enjoyed the light-heartedness of the story. A lot of the interactions between the characters will make you smile, though some may make you facepalm. There’s a good handful of choices that will alter what path you go down in the game, with the paths coming to a head in a few good endings and some bad endings. While some may argue that one of the bad endings isn’t actually bad, in terms of the natural progression of the story I felt like it was definitely a “bad” ending.

I absolutely loved the art style of the game, and it was one of the things that initially drew me towards wanting to play through it. I felt like all of the art was very well done, even if there was only a few poses for each character during the lines. The game does have voice acting for the female characters, although it is all in Japanese. I didn’t really pay much attention to the voice acting in general, since it often tends to simply distract me from the reading.

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During your time in My Little Kitties, you will find at least one mini-game to play. There is possibly more on other routes, but there was only one in the route I did. In the mini-game, you’re playing “airplane” with Sora. You need to try and keep her balanced as long as you can without dropping her or letting her get upset. It was an interesting little distraction from the main reading, but I do also feel like it might have been better served just being played out through text.

For the length of the story – around 3 – 4 hours- it might be a little short for some for the asking price of $10. Given the multiple routes, I’d say it’s borderline worth the $10. The light-hearted story is nice, and with how many visual novels tend to just focus on the sexual aspects of everything, this was a nice change from all of that. I give this game a slight recommendation, though if you’re not sure if you should get it or not, wait for a sale and decide at that point.

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My Little Kitties is available now on Steam.

I would like to thank Sekai Project for providing me with a copy for review purposes.

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