It’s Spring Again Review

Are you ready for Spring? Because It’s Spring Again!

It’s Spring Again is a short, educational game for young children. The game gives a very brief overview of what happens during each season to the plants and in the sky, before finally ending at arriving back at where it began – Spring.

One could argue that it is less of a “game” and more of an interactive picture book. The narrator gives you basic instructions – bring out the sun from behind the clouds, for example – as you go through each season. They’ll tell you how the trees are growing flowers, or how clouds are growing in the sky. In fact, if you want, you don’t actually have to play it at all – there’s an autoplay option available right on the main menu. I presume this is for the really young children who wouldn’t understand what to do anyways, although they may not understand what is going on in the first place.

Now, I don’t have children myself, but I do see one big issue – entrusting your very young child with your Vita and trusting them to not damage it in some way. Now of course you could play it for them to try and get around this issue, or you could get them on the PC version. The game also barely covers each season, so they may not learn anything about them at all.

It’s Spring Again is extremely short – each season is only a couple minutes long. The narrator’s voice is okay, though there’s not much else to really comment on for the sound. The graphics are bright, colourful, and simple. There does seem to be some hit detection issues on the trees, as I had issues getting the leaves to change colours in the Fall scene.

If you have very young children then this game may be something you could consider looking at as an educational device about the seasons. For those adults without children, the game does also contain 4 extremely easy trophies to get. If you do plan to get it for children, I’d more suggest the PC version over the Vita version, just to keep your Vita safe and so that they have a larger screen to look at.

It’s Spring Again Review Score

There’s not much to note here, but the game – if you want to call it that – is a bit too short and doesn’t explain much. I also had some hit detection issues on some of the scenes.

I was provided with a free key for review purposes by the publisher.

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