Games We Like–Plants vs Zombies

There’s a zombie on my lawn! Bring in the plant cavalry to defend it! Bet you never thought you’d need to do that, huh? Well, think again with Plants vs Zombies!


At first I wasn’t even interested in Plants vs Zombies because of the whole Zombies part. Then, I forget how but, I somehow got convinced to play it and I was hooked. Now, years after I originally played it, I now own the game on something like 4 platforms and have completed it on three of them (my phone doesn’t really like it). Yeah, the game is pretty good.

So here you are, this innocent house owner. Suddenly someone shows up, someone named Crazy Dave (he likes tacos), and along with him a zombie army. Eh, forget this crazy guy, time to defend your lawn (and your brain) from these zombies!

For those of who have been living under a rock for the past 5 years, Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense game where you need to defend your brains from the hordes of zombies. At first the zombies aren’t that tough, they don’t have anything special about them, but as you progress forward they will become tougher and tougher. Eventually you’ll have literal giants coming into your lawn, pool, and even onto your roof! Once you’ve finally reached the end you’ll have to face off against a giant robot with only your poor plants to defeat it.

Plants vs Zombies is a very simple concept but it has a charm about it that makes it unique. As you complete the story mode a variety of puzzles will start to be unlocked. These puzzles will test your skill, but not as much as survival will. In survival you have to defend after horde of horde of zombies, only getting the time between waves to really build up your defense and offense. Want to relax? Head on over to the garden and start growing your own garden made up of the different plants you can get in the game. These plants will get you money which you can use at Crazy Dave’s shop to buy upgrades.

If you haven’t already gotten your hands on Plants vs Zombies, what are you waiting for? It’s available on an absolutely massive amount of platforms so really you have no excuse to not go get it. What are you waiting for? Go now! Because if you don’t…


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