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Dungeon Hearts is an action puzzle “RPG” game. It follows the basic match 3 formula in a side-scrolling combat fashion. Unfortunately, that’s about where the fun in Dungeon Hearts ends.

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Typically in match 3 puzzle titles, you will get a bonus if you match 4 or even 5 at time. Not in Dungeon Hearts though! You pretty much get punished – especially for your precious time – if you try and make a 4 or 5 match. Considering you are already struggling at times to even try and make a match, not having any benefit to making a 4 or 5 match is frustrating.

As you go defeat each enemy you have the ability to level up your characters by making matches relating to their respective color. A lot of the time though, you’ll have pieces trapped that by the time you can get them out, they have hit the left side and are gone. Again, the lack of a match 4 or 5 here also seems to punch you, as perhaps you could have earned even more levels if you matched more than three.

You will also earn a “hidden” amount of experience that you only find out how much you got after you win or fail the particular run you are doing. For doing one that was over an hour long on Easy, I got an amazing eight experience. This experience can be used to buy benefits in the store… and the cheapest one is something like 25 experience.

Dungeon Hearts GameplayThe difficulties seem unfairly balanced in a game that is already highly dependent on RNG (random number generator). All Easy really seems to do is slow down how fast the pieces move. Enemies appear to have the exact same amount of HP and really just end up taking longer to defeat as pieces are coming at you a bit slower. Oh, but don’t worry, if the game determines you are taking too long to defeat an enemy it will start to speed up how fast they are moving! You still have to deal with a massive amount of RNG with this though, and you can still easily die.

The controls in Dungeon Hearts leave a lot to be desired as well. Everything is done by the mouse. The mouse has absolutely terrible sensitivity and will often times just ignore the move you are trying to make. Dungeon Hearts definitely feels more built for a touch screen than for mouse controls.

Really, the final nail in the coffin for Dungeon Hearts is when I got to an enemy that I still couldn’t defeat after ten minutes. My limit for one fight in a single player game like this is long before that. I had already been feeling like the game had been dragging on too long. Oh, and I was only just past halfway through that one, at least according to the achievements.

Just avoid this game.

Dungeon Hearts is a title that should be avoided at all costs unless you like to feel like you are torturing yourself. While it was an interesting concept, the execution was just terrible.

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