DLC Quest Review

After having eyed this game for quite some time, I finally decided to grab it when I saw it on sale on for around $0.50 on the Humble Store. DLC Quest is a game that mocks the game industries current obsession with DLC and “pay to win.”


At the start of the game the only thing you have the ability to do is move right. You can’t jump, you have no animation… you can’t even move left. As you explore the world you’ll find DLC packs and coins. Thankfully you don’t actually need to spend real money to unlock this game’s “DLC” – you just spend in-game coins. DLC is hidden all over, though I guess one thing they decided not to mock is being able to just go and buy it whenever you want. In a way, though, they are still mocking it – you have to go to one particular location, or in this case the “Shopkeep,” to purchase your DLC.

The “DLC” required to beat the game is typically handed to you – though yes, you still have to actually purchase it, but at least you don’t have to find it! Any extras are hidden and usually can be purchased for quite cheap – you know, say… 5 coins.

The original story of DLC Quest is quite short – it took me around 30 minutes to beat it with doing a fair amount of exploring. The second story, Live Freemium or Die, took a bit longer – around an hour and a half. Live Freemium or Die has quite a few different ideas in it – though being the explorer that I am, I would go and explore an area then find the next quest trigger and find out I had to go there anyways… Oh well.

Overall, DLC Quest was a nice little diversion, especially for the price I paid. Even for it’s typical price of $3 you should find DLC Quest will get your money’s worth, especially if you want to try for all of the achievements. While the achievements in it aren’t too difficult, you might have some issues finding coins in some locations.

DLC Quest Review Score


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