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Words for Evil is a game that combines the likes of Bookworm into a RPG. Does it succeed, or does it fall horribly short?


I’ve always been a fan of word games and RPGs. Words for Evil conveniently combines the two! You set off on a quest of sorts to defeat enemies. Along the way you’ll find Blacksmiths, Potion Shops, Fountains, and even more party members! You’ll have to make use of these should you want to make noticeable progress – the enemies get harder as you progress!

While there are RPG elements in the game, such as what’s listed above, the main focus is the word part. To actually defeat your enemies you need to make words that have colored tiles in them. Even if you can’t actually make a word with them, if it’s long enough the word will also explode (and activate) the tiles around it! Defeat enough enemies and your heroes will level up. Find a fountain after doing so and you’ll be able to spend skill points to improve your current skills, or learn more of them! Which skill is activated is based off how many tiles of that heroes’ color were used. This adds some slight strategy to your play, but you don’t really want to dilly-dally too long.

The game does stay fairly fast paced in that you can’t think for too long about your words. It doesn’t get so hectic though that you have to be completely reckless. There’s a nice balance in that, but again you don’t really want to take too long. Shorter words are often the best to go for, but if you see a long word then get it!

ss_4c8ae2032bc3b36287fc71c02c34acb83f4698b8There are some small “mini-games” to play outside of the regular word making. Of course, it still involves word making. Traps you run across will require you to try and clear the board of tiles or else you take damage, with the amount depending on how many tiles were left. Treasure chests want you to find a 5-letter word from two rows of tiles with using 1 tile from each column. If a hero dies you’ll be presented with an anagram – a 6 letter word will save your hero with half health while a 7 letter word will fully heal them. Anything less than those, however, and your hero will die and deal damage to the enemy based off how many letters your word was.

Words for Evil is definitely addicting. It can also be fairly hard, especially if you get some bad luck on words. It can also be somewhat educating, as I’ve been introduced to several words I didn’t even KNOW were words. With the treasure chests and save your health word making parts, you’ll also be presented with a definition of the word, or if there was another option besides what you made, it’ll show that definition instead. It’d be nice if it showed both definitions in that case, but I suppose you can’t ask for everything.

You have several ways to make the words as well. While you could do the typical click each tile, or click and drag, you also have the option to type or even use a touchscreen. As soon as the game mentioned to me that oh by the way you can use the keyboard, I was using it instantly. With typing, it’ll automatically find what it feels to be the best tiles for the word. You can’t just smash the keyboard however – it’ll only recognize letters that are on the board and can actually be played together. It seems there’s some parts where it doesn’t recognize any keyboard input though, in which cases I just have to quickly go use my mouse to proceed.

Words for Evil proving too difficult? There’s difficulty options! Well, two difficulty options – Zen and Pro. While I don’t know how hard Zen is, Pro isn’t really that bad until the later levels unless you get unlucky.

Words for Evil is definitely worth checking out for fans of these types of games. For me, as a fan of Bookworm, I very much enjoyed my time playing Words for Evil. Now to just try and get all of my heroes leveled…


Words for Evil Review Score


I would thank the developer for providing me with a copy for review.

Words for Evil is available for purchase now on Steam.

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