Stealth, Inc: A Clone in the Dark Review


At first I wasn’t even going to give this game a try. I had started it up once and then lost interest and just uninstalled it. However, thanks to a good friend of mine I decided to give it another try. Stealth, Inc: A Clone in the Dark (otherwise known as Stealth Bastard Deluxe on other platforms) is a mix between Super Meat Boy and Metal Gear Solid. Though, in comparison to Super Meat Boy, the levels tend to be longer and there are actually checkpoints.

The game starts of pretty simple at first, but as you clear each world – there’s a total of 8 worlds – new elements get added in making it more difficult. On the final world, you’ll find yourself micromanaging things that will chase you no matter what if you are in a light area and trying to progress through alive. You’ll have to manipulate the chasers to stay at specific points so you can proceed. I did have a few points where I got stuck, but thankfully I was able to just ask for some quick help to point me on the right path to get past those points. Seeing as this is part puzzle with manipulating things around, only needing a few quick reference points was nice.

The music and sound effects on the game are pretty good. The track that is playing is random each time you attempt a stage (not each time you die, but each time you either start a new one or reset the whole thing). The sound effects are very good at letting you know what’s going on and if you’ve been seen.

Really, my main complaint with Stealth, Inc is the lack of friend leaderboards. In fact, the “leaderboards” will only show the top 6 times! Well, if you happen to be in the top 8, then yours will show as well. There’s separate leaderboards for if you are using no equipment or if you are.

Equipment is unlocked in the stages as you complete them again and fulfill certain criteria. From what I can tell, unlocked equipment is world-specific so you can’ go into world 8 with equipment you’ve unlocked in world 1. They are a nice touch and can add to your abilities to clear levels – though just keep in mind that you won’t be on the global leaderboard and will instead be on a different one!

In the end, I would like to say thanks to my good friend for getting me to give this title another try. As someone who has (shamefully) never been able to beat Super Meat Boy, being able to beat Stealth, Inc felt good. If you have the opportunity to play it I would highly suggest doing so.

Stealth, Inc: A Clone in the Dark Review Score


I have not had the ability to play the DLC that is available for this title due to limited funds. From what I’ve been told though, it is quite difficult and will definitely challenge you.

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