Seduce Me the Otome Review

So what do you get when you find a free game on Steam with the name Seduce Me? You get it in hopes of seeing some great stuff *wink wink*– ahem! I mean some great story… Welcome to what happened when I got Seduce Me the Otome.


So here’s the deal, I enjoy a good visual novel. I’m not one for playing as the male main character. There are too many visual novels out there that has the story centered as the player being the guy while finding a suitable female to fall in love with. It is kind of hard to find a VN with a female being the playable character. So while I was on Skype with Erin and browsing through the VN page on Steam, I stumbled upon Seduce Me the Otome.

The name and the price of free sold me.

The fact that I had to put in my birthdate made me giggle. I was like, “Ok, we are going to see naked people. I am so hyped.” Hey, I’m human…

sde_thumbAs the story of Seduce Me goes you are a young high school girl Mika Anderson (the first name can be changed) and you just found out about your grandfather’s death. After his funeral you find out that he has willed his home to you. Upon arriving to the mansion (yeah, it’s a mansion), you find five young men laying on the floor unconscious and bleeding. Great… That’s how I want to meet all my suitable single men… One of the guys gets up and demands that you kiss him. And then we are told… the guys are incubi. Well then…

The game plays like a standard visual novel. The choices you make determines which guy or girl you end up with. Yes, in this game you have the choice to woo a guy or girl. Nice going there Seduce Me, very nice!

seducemechoicesThe game does have voice acting in it which it quite nice since it is rare to have a visual novel with English audio. There is one character that does not have a voice: the main character. I found that to be off putting. It kind of took away from the ambiance of the game. It was weird to go from one character talking to main character to another character talking with silence in between characters. It was like “BAM! You’re not watching a movie. You’re playing a game, remember?” No I don’t remember cause I was too into the game and then it became odd cause the main character doesn’t talk.

The art in the game was great. The backgrounds and character art were fantastic. The CG scenes on the other hand… Some of them looked a bit… Like are they from the same game? Here are two examples and I’ll let you decide for yourself.

ss_7257919cec956a7ee1c7f7ccabc644aa0ce9d966 tumblr_inline_njybp2pibp1t290e9

I walked into this game not expecting much since I have never heard of this game and it was free. But I walked away from this game thinking that “Hmmm, not bad. 10/10 would play again but I’m too attached to James to woo anyone else. Oh yeah, there is a killer squirrel plushie that wants me dead. Let’s keep him.”

Seduce Me the Otome offers you sex demons and voice acting and laughs. It’s definitely worth a playthrough cause HEY IT’S FREE! FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Free yo.

Seduce Me the Otome


It’s short and the lack of voice acting for the main character made me docked the score a bit. And despite the age rating, very little nudity. Oh, did you hear? There is a sequel in the making. HOLY CRAP!