Child of Light Review

  With any new game, there is hype. Instead of jumping on the hype train like I did with Twilight (why did I ever read three out of the four books…), I wanted more information on story and gameplay of Child of Light. Luckily, there was a Youtube video with someone’s impressions on playing the first hour of the game without too much spoilers.

DLC Quest Review

After having eyed this game for quite some time, I finally decided to grab it when I saw it on sale on for around $0.50 on the Humble Store. DLC Quest is a game that mocks the game industries current obsession with DLC and “pay to win.”

Sparkle 2 Review

So I initially found out about this game through PSN Profiles when it got the trophy list. Being a fan of these casual-type games, I got a bit excited and was eagerly awaiting the release – even if it did jut look like a Zuma clone. Well…