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Monsterbag follows the journey of a cute little monster who just wants to catch up to his owner.


Ah, Monsterbag. Monsterbag starts out following an adorable little monster as he tries to get to his owner. Some stuff happens and suddenly the world is under attack by not so cute monsters. It ends up becoming up to you and your master to save it!

So, sound completely adorable yet? Oh, I guess I haven’t mentioned the parts where people are crashing busses, getting crushed under wheels, losing their hands, and so on. And how your owner keeps getting taken to all these crazy places and you just keep following.

I don’t even know what genre to label Monsterbag as. It’s like a hiding jump from person to person sort of genre. In each of Monsterbag’s 18 levels, you’ll need to jump from person to person (or in some levels, monster to monster) without getting seen. If their eyes aren’t colored, they’re fine. If they’re colored then you’ll have to not be seen. Sometimes the people will also be red, and if these spot you you’ll instantly be killed and sent back to the last checkpoint.


Sometimes this is easier said than done. In some levels, there will be colored eyed people next to each other and you have to jump in the few second window they give you. Other levels it can be next to impossible to actually tell where they’re looking. And on some of the later levels you’ll need to solve puzzles while jumping in between these tight timing windows. The game does get a bit tough as you go through, and some levels may have you wanting to throw your Vita out the window. It’s not that long though, so if you just persevere you can get through.

While Monsterbag looks like an adorable little game, it gets pretty gory. Well, okay. Pink blood, but still pretty gory. I wasn’t exactly expecting to see someone standing there screaming as his arm is shooting out blood. The puzzles can be a bit tricky, and in some cases it’s hard to tell what you’re even supposed to do (how was I supposed to know I should be tapping that hard-to-see colored piece in the background).

So while I don’t think I would have actually paid anything to get Monsterbag (despite my interest in how cute it looked), I think the price of free from PS+ was perfect. It is a short game, however, and only presents a few tricky trophies (which can be solved either through some trial and error or a guide). Well, maybe the timing ones will still take a bit even with a guide (I know they did for me, looking at you last few levels). Just hope you don’t mind watching the cutscenes if you want to replay levels… because they are definitely unskippable.


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