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Make It Indie! follows the supposed process of developing an indie game. Does it succeed though?

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It’s hard to really even call Make It Indie! a game. It feels a lot more like a movie, and likely would work a lot more as one. The basic premise is that you are an indie developer pushing to finish your game to get it out there.

The “game” is absolutely brutal on some computers. The movie files it uses are extremely high quality and make up the bulk of the size of the whole game. I had originally intended to play it on my laptop, however I quickly found that it was just going to be a lag fest and was forced to play it on my desktop.


Make It Indie! isn’t actually that long. Fully playing it, you’ll likely be done within 10 minutes. Most of the game involves choosing what you’ll do with your day. Do you actually work on the game or choose to do one of a million other things? These million other things are where the bulk of the movies are. Should you choose one of them, you’ll have to sit through a video of the person going out and doing stuff like playing poker or taking a walk.

So you might be asking, where’s the actual “game”, right? Well, that choice to work on “developing” the game is the game. And by game I mean you play find the best match to the pattern. Or just click around until something works. Perhaps even somewhat fast to get the “good” ending. That works too. Not too fast though. Apparently they decided to put in an “Anti-Cheat” thing that will pop up if you click too fast and fail out that try. Of course, just clicking around in a circle fairly fast does still work and will get you the best ending anyways.

Make It Indie! feels more like a movie than a game overall.  Even with the “development” thing that could try and pass as a game (and is, I’m pretty sure, not an example of how game development actually works), it still just feels like a very (very) short movie. You’re better off trying to look for something else. What’s worse is that this isn’t even a free game… it’s paid. Well hey, at least that means cards on Steam or something, right? Just pass on Make It Indie! and get a real game. Just do it. Just save yourself from playing this.

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