Initial Thoughts: Terra Incognita ~ Chapter One: The Descendant

Terra Incognita is an Early Access/Beta RPG on Steam that has you playing as Alexis, a man with no memory.


Terra Incognita ~ Chapter One: The Descendant places you in the land of Terra. You see a man crash down to the ground after some pre-story and it seems he has no memory… other than his name! How convenient. You must travel to the land up north to find out who he is. You quickly run into another man who offers to take you back to his home.

Terra Incognita is your basic RPG. It’s heavily inspired by titles such as Chrono Trigger and Suikoden, however… It doesn’t seem nearly as good as them. Movement is a complete pain, rebinding controller controls is a matter of trying everything and hoping something works, there’s grammar issues EVERYWHERE… Yeah.

The game has these nicely set paths everywhere for you to go through, but one issue! The hitboxes are atrocious. Good luck climbing up or down a ladder. It’ll take you a fair while to even figure out where the hitbox for it is, even if you are right over it.

ss_08ade4c37589f336563397dbf9f0a5584dc620b6Combat is your typical turn-based thing, though stats definitely feel over inflated. Oh man, my characters have all this HP at low levels! Oh wait, enemies still hit me for a gigantic chunk of my HP. Peachy. You get told fairly early about weaknesses (enemies will typically be weak to the opposite element to the area you’re in, IE forest area enemies are weak to fire). At least for me though… I was told this before I even got any abilities. And then even after I did, they did not really impress me that much. Something about an ability that says it lasts for 3 turns only lasting for 2 and hardly increasing your damage…

Terra Incognita suffers from some typical RPG Maker pains. Controller controls are a pain. They were kind enough to include a way to rebind them though! Oh wait… How am I even going to figure out all of this and what it means? Nope. Completely useless rebinding.

I get that the game is still in beta. I get that much. Beta for an RPG seems really weird, but whatever. Right now though, this game feels like it should be in Alpha not Beta. I’m taking a break for now from it as after I completed a (not that easy) battle, my game just softlocked. Nothing I could do about it. That’s definitely discouraging to say the least. Oh whats this, suggested to restart the game when a patch hits? I’ll pass on that, thanks. I’ll just stick with my save and hope for the best.

Terra Incognita ~ Chapter One: The Descendant Initial Thoughts

Needs a LOT of work to fix a staggering list of issues. Not too hopeful at this time.

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  • Platform: Steam
  • Genre: RPG

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