Greyfox Review

Greyfox is a quiet little retirement city, but is settling down there everything you’ve ever hoped for?


Our protagonist is tired of her job. She’s decided to make the big jump and is moving to a new city to start a new life. She hopes into her fancy car and heads off for… the next screen over. Okay, let’s go with that. Welcome to Greyfox!

Once you find out that there’s currently no room in the Inn you can head around town and meet some of the locals. You can pick up poop in the dog park, pickpocket in some jackets, and meet a couple of mysterious people. After all that, you’ll get a call to head back to the Inn as a room is open… Well, so long as you don’t go into a building when you get it. Then you have to go back outside and get the call again and try not to go into another building and… anyways, yeah.

After all that, your character will head to sleep for the night. This is where things get weird. One of the mysterious people you met earlier will tell you to step into the lives of 4 residents and influence their lives. The choices you make ss_32204fca23ae75d1f38b20c4b7ee04fad7dea5e1.600x338are ultimately up to you, but what you do influences what happens.

Greyfox is a lot like your typical RPG Maker game. Be ready for the wonderful default music and faces… probably characters too. It’s not really an RPG however, it’s more like an adventure game. You can pick up items, use them to influence other things, and so on.

Greyfox isn’t overly long thankfully, so it doesn’t overstay its welcome. I did spot some typos in it however, that or “dryer” is now spelled “dyer”… despite it being spelled right on the one across from it. According to the Steam forums there are other typos to be found within the game as well, though I guess I just didn’t notice them.

For the price though, Greyfox is worth checking out. It can get a bit depressing at times though, so take note of that. So long as you can get past the default RPG Maker stuff that is used, then yeah it’s worth it.

Now please, stop playing with the sink!

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