About The Backlog

The Backlog was started in May of 2014 as a way for owner, Erin Jenison, to have an outlet to write about games she was playing that didn’t fall within the realm of what Final Fantasy and More covered. The site quickly grew as Emma Rice also joined on, followed by Samantha Lindblum.

Our goal here is to work towards covering games that may have been forgotten with time, as well as new release titles. We want to be able to help gamers make informed purchasing decisions as to new titles, and to find out if that game that they might have purchased but not played a few years ago is even worth playing.

It is our philosophy to try and provide as unbiased of reviews as we can. We aim to make sure that what we post is within good faith, and will never accept bribes to give good review scores. Any scores you see present here (good or bad) are all our opinion, regardless of whether or not we have received the game for free from the developer or publisher.

As such, it is a fact that we do receive free copies of games for review purposes. Any and all titles that fall into this realm will be denoted as such at the end of the review (or preview). If this disclaimer is not present, then the title you are reading about was either purchased out of our own money or was gifted to us by a friend.

Some reviews/news/etc articles that we post may also have a link to purchase said game at the end. Some of these links (for example, Amazon ones) will be affiliate links. Money from affiliate links will be used to further improve the website.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding our policies, or if you would like to contact us regarding covering a game, you may use the Contact Us page to do so. Alternatively, you can simply email Erin at rinimt AT the-backlog DOT net. While we cannot guarantee a response to all emails, please do be assured that they are all read.